Durango, Colorado

Areas of Practice

Areas of practice include Business, Commercial and General Civil Litigation, Landlord and Tenant, Criminal Defense, Real Estate, Administrative Law, Homeowners Associations, and Business Formation and Transactions.

Areas of Practice


At the Reynolds Law Group, we represent both Plaintiffs and Defendants, large and small, individuals and businesses, in all manner of civil litigation and dispute resolution in State and Federal Courts.  Not all civil disputes go to trial and we are effective at negotiating settlements and resolutions while representing clients in both informal discussions and in formal settlement and mediation proceedings.  Many cases can also be resolved judicially prior to trial.  The Reynolds Law Group has successfully moved cases to dismissal or obtained judgments through pre-trial motions and pleadings.  Finally, if a case does go to trial, we are fully capable of presenting to a judge or jury to advocate in your best interest.  We will find the most effective and efficient direction to achieve your lawful objectives. 


Dealing with Government agencies can be hard and confusing, whether they are local, state or Federal.  We can help you cut you through the bureaucracy and understand the rules and regulations so that you know your rights, protections and options.  Frequently pursuing administrative action is mainly about knowing the proper procedures to follow and we can help with that.  What may seem daunting can be made understandable.  In addition, we have experience challenging administrative decisions and actions that are made incorrectly or without a proper foundation.  If you’re dealing with a governmental entity, it probably has its own process and set of rules you must follow to get anything done or to protect yourself, we can navigate that maze for you and get you results.


With Doug Reynolds’ background working for one of Colorado’s premier corporate law firms, he gained experience dealing with and understanding corporate and other business entity organizations and secured transactions, mergers and business purchases and financing. With this experience, we can provide qualified assistance for virtually any issues that a business may encounter or any need that may arise. We provide counsel on a wide variety of legal issues that arise in day-to-day business operations as well as when a major transaction occurs.  We advise partnerships, limited liability companies, and corporations on business formation, asset sales, asset purchases, buying or selling owner interests, employment agreements and dissolving businesses.  We can also help nonprofit corporations stay legal and compliant with state laws and protected from risk


The Reynolds Law Group represents both landlords and tenants, large and small, individuals and businesses, in all manner of landlord and tenant issues.  Renting a residence or a commercial property is a complex business, and the termination of such a tenancy can be difficult.  The Reynolds Law Group can assist in all stages of the process, from drafting and negotiating leases to dealing with disputes, lease violations and even evictions and post-eviction claims.  The eviction process may be especially problematic for both landlords and tenants and we ensure that all matters are completed correctly, and your rights are protected. 


The Reynolds Law Group can help with a variety of real estate needs, from preparing real estate contracts and deeds to dealing with all kinds of issues involving easements, boundary adjustments, lot consolidations and adverse possession claims.  We can assist with construction issues too, whether it is reviewing contracts, obtaining permits and variances or, unfortunately, dealing with disputes over faulty construction.  We assist buyers and sellers in contract negotiations, title examination and other due diligence matters, and closings. Real estate law is complicated; don’t take risks with your most important asset, get help and good advice and sleep soundly knowing you’re well advised.


At The Reynolds Law Group, we zealously defend individuals and juveniles accused of committing crimes, large and small, in State and Federal Courts throughout the Four Corners Area.  When you are accused of committing a crime, the experience can be frightening and confusing.  We understand the system, your rights and the impact an accusation may have on you and your family.  We will help you understand the charges brought against you, the evidence held by the State and define your options moving forward.  We are well versed in fighting unsubstantiated allegations while negotiating plea agreements where such are desirable.  We will steadfastly defend your case before the prosecutor, judge or jury.  We also assist with post-conviction matters such as probation, parole, driver’s license revocation and points as well as sealing criminal records.  Our objective it to provide you with the tools to make informed decisions and to defend your position, in a timely and cost-effective manner.


Operating, or even dealing with, a Homeowners Association is hard.  At the Reynolds Law Group, we represent both residents and the boards of homeowner’s associations in all aspects of HOA governance and enforcement. Because community association law is a primary focus of our practice, we have addressed most issues confronting common interest communities in Colorado from both sides of the fence. From small associations to large master planned communities, our HOA clients range in size, complexity, and need. They demand a breadth of expertise but must operate within tightly controlled budgets. They receive personal service and a commitment to their needs and rely on our objective legal counsel.  And our homeowner clients appreciate having somebody on their side that knows the ins and outs of HOA law, especially when their association doesn’t follow that law correctly and infringes upon their rights.

We are experienced in all aspects of community association law, including the transition from developer control to owner control, the interpretation of governing documents, the amendment of governing documents, the creation and adoption of rules and policies, the review of contracts and insurance policies, the collection of assessments and the enforcement of covenants, and attendance at meetings. We have an in-depth understanding of the two areas of Colorado authority that affect Colorado common interest communities - the Colorado Common Interest Ownership Act (CCIOA) and the Colorado Revised Nonprofit Corporation Act - and how they interrelate with association governing documents.  Finally, we work well with property managers to ensure that communities operate smoothly and within their boundaries to protect the rights and interests of all.